Hello and welcome!

 My name is Catherine and I'm a Minnesota gal living in San Jose, CA with my fiancé Mark and our rescue pup Louie.

Here are a few blog posts to help get us acquainted:

I started blogging in November of 2012 and eventually launched My Inner Fabulous in April of 2013 and it's been a passion of mine ever since. The name My Inner Fabulous may be a silly name I came up with in college, but it represents the ability that fashion has to make me feel really, truly fabulous. I really do believe that the right clothes have the power to boost confidence. I hope you'll find a little bit of inspiration here. I mostly blog about fashion, but there's some random life inspiration thrown into the mix and I try to blog Mon, Wed, Fri.

My hobbies include shopping, Netflix, reading, volleyball, playing with Louie and lounging.

Book: Harry Potter, obvs
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Song: "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole
Closet Staple: a handbag that makes you feel like a million bucks
Accessory: lipstick
Social Media Platform: Instagram
Food: donuts 
Beverage: champagne

Feel free to email me at myinnerfabulous@gmail.com!

I hope you stay a while!

xo Catherine 

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