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I've come to realize that my favorite bloggers are ones that share personal stories and tidbits. It's fun to feel like you're getting to know them a little bit. Well that's how I want this blog to feel for everyone who stops by! I'd love for you to feel like you know me and that we're friends! That's where the idea came to share a little fun fact at the bottom of every outfit I post. Those outfits are something that I love to create, but they don't tell you much about me, other than the fact that I have a thing for classic, feminine pieces. This page will be a running collection of the tidbits I share in outfit posts, but be sure to check those for new ones every week!


My favorite childhood game was playing Batman with my sister. We would run around our yard and climb things with her pretending to be Batman and I always had to be Robin because I'm younger. We were obsessed with the Batman cartoons and would regularly rent them from the video store within our local grocery store!

 I sleep with socks on every night. You can stop being horrified now, I know I'm like the only person in the entire universe that does this! I just really hate feet, even my own and don't like when they touch each other. Blergh that gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. Here's another bonus fact, during the winter I tuck my pajama pants into my socks. Are you repulsed yet? My friends and Mark give me so much grief about this. I hate when your pajama pants get all twisted and end up above your knees throughout the night! Thus, the sock tuck ;)

 I had braces from 7th-8th grade because I had an overbite and a quarter-sized gap between my front teeth. Thankfully I didn't have them for very long but I still have my permanent retainer to this day! I've found that most people don't do that, but I'm so used to it and like that I don't have to worry about remembering to wear my retainer at night.

I have the worst sweet tooth. When people tell me they're not into dessert I am immediately green with envy! I would weigh 15 pounds less if I didn't love sweets. Every night after dinner I crave chocolate and almost always have a little something. Whether it's a baked good we have at home, or my everyday favorite dark chocolate with sea salt, you better believe I am ending the evening with chocolate. I always say that I'm not interested in dessert if there isn't chocolate involved ;) that's not actually true, but if given the choice I'd always choose the chocolately dessert!

I really really love the Oscars. My family always watched them together and now even though we're apart we text each other our opinions throughout the evening! I usually try to see as many movies as possible. Anyway, I look forward to them all year! The celebrities, the fashion, excellent movies, I just love it all! I'm always so sad though when awards season is over :( they were pretty dramatic last night though, huh? So awkward how it ended!

I can't really stay up late anymore. Ever since I started working full time a couple years ago I've been going to bed earlier and earlier. I'm a total grump if I don't get my 8 hours and I prefer to get into the office on the early side (8 AM, which is early for California) so I can leave earlier. So all of this has me going to bed usually by 10PM every night. Mark used to lament about how lame I was, but I think he loves it now because he gets more sleep too! So even on the weekends I pretty much can't function after 11. Friday nights especially since I got up early for work I will usually be in bed by 11 because #partyanimal

Despite thinking they're adorable and wearing them on my clothing I am allergic to strawberries. When Mark saw this shirt he said I shouldn't be allowed to wear it because I can't eat them! I actually have a lot of food allergies such as strawberries, apples, peaches, pears, hazelnuts, almonds, avocados and nectarines. I'm sure I'm forgetting something too. As of right now it's not a severe allergic reaction, my lips swell up and my throat gets all itchy. But I do have an epi-pen just in case it takes a turn for the more serious sometime in the future!

 I rarely wear my hair in ponytails because for whatever reason I think my face is too round for them. Does that even make any sense? Did you even notice that I was actually wearing my hair up here? I think I can count on one hand the number of outfit posts I've done where I wasn't wearing my hair down. I just think it's more flattering on me, and yes I do know I'm being irrational. Although, I'm not hating the way it looks in the above pictures :)

I had two rabbits growing up. When we were little my sister and I wanted a dog very badly so naturally my mom placated us with a rabbit. Her name was Midnight (can you guess what color she was? ๐Ÿ˜‚) and we were obsessed with her. A couple years later I went to a day camp at the Humane Society and fell in love with Earl and somehow talked my mom into letting me get him. I stuck with the name Earl because it didn't occur to me that I could change it even though rabbits don't respond to their names! So Earl became my rabbit and Midnight became my sister's and we were just as happy as could be. Earl was also black but he was gigantic, like probably 10 pounds, whereas Midnight was a dwarf and probably only weighed 3-4 pounds. We loved our rabbits but let me say that they live forever and eventually you may start to feel really bad for them because their quality of life isn't all that great :(

I really don't like being the center of attention so I was quite nervous for the shower. I was worried my cheeks would be on fire the whole time or that I would feel awkward. There were definitely moments where I was in the spotlight, but overall my anxiety over it was all for naught. It was good practice for the wedding day!

I like to always have my nails painted because I have pretty masculine hands๐Ÿ˜‚ I know that sounds ridiculous but having my nails painted makes me feel like my hands are a little bit daintier and prettier. Whatever works!

I originally created a blog called Friends Fun Fashion Food (cringe, I know) that eventually morphed into this blog. I started it in 2012 just with the intent of having something interesting to put on my resume but then I ended up really loving it and it became a full-fledged hobby instead of just a line on my resume.

 I don't drink coffee. I think I'm maybe the only person ever haha. I really love the taste of coffee but it always makes me feel so sick. I know that apparently happens when you don't drink it very often and eventually your body gets used to it but I've never wanted to try that hard to push through feeling sick. Although I love the taste I've also never wanted to be a slave to caffeine where I have to make sure I get some so I don't get a headache. I'm just not really into hot beverages in general but I'm sure someday something will happen that will require me to start drinking coffee. For now I'll continue to be the one person you know who doesn't ;)

Breakfast is hands down my favorite meal of the day. I even enjoy my boring cereal that I eat five days a week. I love any and all breakfast food and could eat it for every meal!

 I absolutely love picking out new shampoo and conditioner. Whenever I run out I pretty much always try a new brand. Not sure why but it gives me joy. It's the little things, ya know? When I walk down that aisle in Target there's so much promise and anticipation. I 100% base my choice on smell. So if it smells fruity and delicious you better believe I'm buying it!

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