Things I Like Vol. 55

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Well here we are a week after I said I was going to write a wedding post and still no wedding post. Whoops. I'm the worst. As you may know we were home in MN this weekend and it's always such a whirlwind packing and only being home for such a short period of time that I never find time to blog on those weekends. Such is life. It was a fun trip! There was some seriously beautiful weather so we were able to spend time with family outside. I watched the royal wedding with my family early on Saturday and it was so worth the 5AM wakeup call. Did you watch? Later that day we went to my cousin's wedding IRL and that's always a blast. I absolutely love weddings and feel like they've become even more special now that I've been through it. We're back in California and back to our regularly scheduled Wednesday Things I Like programming!

Things I Like Vol. 54

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hello hello! How is your week going? I’m feeling good because it’s a short week for me! Mark and I are headed home this weekend for my cousin’s wedding and are taking Friday off. I’m doubly excited because I’ll get to watch the royal wedding with my family who are as excited as I am whereas Mark couldn’t care less. You better believe I’ll be waking up at 5AM to watch it all unfold!

Candy Stripes

Monday, May 14, 2018

How cute is that little face? Louie was with us when we were taking photos yesterday so I pulled him in for a few snaps. I just got this top last week after ordering it nearly two months ago (hate when that happens) so unfortunately it's pretty much sold out but it's such a classic style and I've found a few similar options linked below. Recently I was feeling like I don't have any summery blouses so I'm happy this one fit because it's a nice linen material and the pink stripes are perfect for warm weather! It's the type that's extra long in the front so you can tie it but I tucked it in for this outfit. If I wore it with shorts I'd probably tie it for a cute summery look. 

My BBG Review

Friday, May 11, 2018

My first ever fitness post! This has been a long time coming and I’m excited to finally sit down and write it out so I can share my BBG experience with you! I’ve been keeping little notes for the last 4.5 months while I’ve been immersed in BBG so hopefully I cover everything. I finished the program three weeks ago but have been really nervous to publish this post because progress photos are a scary thing to put out on the internet. I’ll share my results at the end of the post but just know it’s v. intimidating to share photos like that! Buckle up, because this is a long one.

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